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of law enforcement agencies will receive a total of $2 million in federal traffic enforcement grants next year. the biggest chunk, $6 50,000 will go to the paloma police department. the avoid the 13 anti-drunk driving campaign in the county. the rest will go for a ban on texting while driving. >>> investigators say michael brrelove and martin shot and killed martin cruz last week. police say the shooting was the result of a disagreement. police in sacramento arrested martin at a park. both are being held in alameda county jail. >>> bart's largest union will let the public know if its members have approved the tentative contract agreement. 1400 union workers will vote on the deal on friday. the union expects to release the results by 11:00 that night. >>> why is new bay bridge took so long to build and why it cost so much. as chairman of the senate transportation committee, he plans to hold meetings aimed at answering that question. it took 11 years and cost $6.4 billion. >>> new revelations about the extent of nsa surveillance. the washington post is reporting that the national security a
remembered, a car cut her off. >>> she had dozens of brushes with the law dating back to 1984. last september she pled no contest to misdemeanor drunk driving but went through a program and she also had drug parafa kneel ya and the night they were killed, she was driving with a blood-alcohol level much higher than .08. >> we have a prelim mary blood- alcohol level. we know it is well over .15. >> must have had a meltdown when my mother passed away last year. she had been on a downward spiral ever since. >> they leave behind three daughters but the family did not stay to talk to the media. if convicted she faces up to 15 years in prison. reporting live, channel 2 news. >>> a woman died in a driveway earlies this morning after another woman backed an suv into her at 2a m. police say the women were in the vehicle together when the 26-year-old victim got out. the 27-year-old driver backed into her. police arrested the driver on dui charges. they found beer cans it cup holders and a case of beer in the vehicle. >>> news that a judge is allowing pg&e to bring a pipeline back online has city leaders
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2